In September 2019, nearly 150 community partners and area professionals gathered at the Kansas City Fed’s head office to exchange concepts, insights and best practices about diversity, equity and inclusion.

The event was hosted by the Bank’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion in partnership with the Diversity & Inclusion Consortium of Kansas City. The theme was “COMMITTED! Intentional, Impactful and Inclusive Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion.” Presenters led discussions and group exercises to illustrate each aspect of the theme:

  • Intentional: Courtney Thomas, president and chief executive officer of the Central Exchange, a leadership development organization that connects women across professions.
  • Impactful: Michael Gonzales, co-founder of the Diversity & Inclusion Consortium.
  • Inclusive: Marnita Schroedl, chief executive officer of Marnita’s Table Inc., which promotes inclusivity in community decision-making.
  • Committed: Chantell Garrett, the Kansas City Fed’s manager of Diversity, Inclusion and Strategic Engagements.

Further Resources

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