Tenth District Services Activity Held Constant Again in October
by Chad Wilkerson
October 27
District services activity stayed flat again in October. Input cost increases continued to far outpace selling prices, while employment rebounded from last month and is expected to remain unchanged.

Tenth District Services Activity Was Mostly Unchanged in September
by Chad Wilkerson
September 29
District services activity was basically flat again in September. Input cost increases continued to far outpace selling prices, while employment declined slightly and was not expected to rebound in coming months.

Tenth District Services Activity Remained Flat in August
by Chad Wilkerson
August 25
District services activity was largely unchanged in August. Input costs increased more than selling prices, but employment activity picked up slightly.

Tenth District Services Activity Stayed Steady in July
by Chad Wilkerson
July 28
District services activity stayed steady in July. Firms expect revenues to grow and employment activity to moderate in the future.

Tenth District Services Activity Increased Significantly in June
by Chad Wilkerson
June 23
District services activity increased significantly in June. In contrast, expectations for future activity edged lower as price increases continued.

Tenth District Services Growth Eased Slightly in May
by Chad Wilkerson
May 26
Growth in regional services activity slowed slightly in May but remained positive. Expectations for future activity also eased, and a majority of firms are expecting cost increases to be similar to or slightly less than last year.

Tenth District Services Activity Grew Moderately in April
by Chad Wilkerson
April 28
Regional services activity grew moderately in April. Expectations for future activity increased after some slowing last month, and a majority of the firms that sought financing reported no difficulty obtaining it for short- or long-term uses.

Tenth District Services Activity Declined Slightly in March
by Chad Wilkerson
March 24
Regional services activity declined slightly in March. With current price pressures, about 70% of firms reported lower profit margins from the beginning of the year.

Tenth District Services Activity Improved in February
by Chad Wilkerson
February 24
Regional services activity recovered in February after dropping somewhat in January. Firms also expected a slightly faster pace of job growth in 2023 than in 2022.

Tenth District Services Activity Declined in January
by Chad Wilkerson
January 27
Regional services activity fell further in January. Firms also expected a slight decline in future activity, but hiring plans remained moderately positive