Growth in Tenth District Services Eased Slightly
by Chad Wilkerson

June 24, 2022

Regional services activity eased somewhat in June. Over 40% of firms reported delays in shipping and product availability as continued negative impacts on their business activity, with nearly two-thirds of firms not expecting any improvements in the next six months.

Growth in Tenth District Services Continued at a Solid Pace
by Chad Wilkerson

May 27, 2022

Growth in Tenth District services activity continued at a solid pace in May, while expectations for future activity eased somewhat but remained positive. Compared to the previous month, indexes for input prices increased somewhat while selling prices inched downward. However, both remained at high levels. Most firms continued to expect input prices to rise over the next six months while expectations for selling prices eased slightly in May.

Growth in Tenth District Services Activity Fell Slightly
by Chad Wilkerson

April 29, 2022
The pace of regional services activity fell slightly in April but remained expansionary. Firms continued to report increased supply chain disruptions, higher input costs, and labor shortages. However, firms were optimistic on the future outlook of sales, employment, and capital spending.

Tenth District Services Activity Increased to Record Levels
by Chad Wilkerson

March 25, 2022
Regional services activity increased at a record pace in March. However, many firms continued to comment on supply chain disruptions and increased input costs as having a negative impact on profit margins.

Tenth District Services Activity Grew Moderately
by Chad Wilkerson

February 25, 2022
Regional services activity increased modestly in February. Many firms reported higher cost increases for a number of input materials and operating costs. Around 46% of firms indicated they are able to pass through 20% or less of cost increases on to customers in the form of higher prices.

Tenth District Services Activity Rose Slightly
by Chad Wilkerson

January 28, 2022
Regional services activity expanded slightly in January. Nearly half of firms indicated that 10% or more of their workforce had been absent from work in January due to COVID. Despite more firms reporting negative effects from this wave of COVID than previous waves, sales remained strong for a number of industries, and expectations for future activity increased.