Porcia Block is senior vice president and general auditor with leadership responsibility for the Audit Division. She provides the Bank's Board of Directors assurance that the network of risk management, control, and governance processes, as designed and represented by management, is adequate and functioning in an appropriate manner. She also serves as an advisor to the Bank's Management Committee. To provide for the independence of the Audit Division, Ms. Block reports functionally and administratively to the Board of Directors through the Audit Committee.

Ms. Block joined the Bank in 1998 as an assistant examiner trainee in the Consumer Affairs Department. She served as examiner until her rotation to the Audit Department in 2003. In 2004, she left the Bank and held various positions of increasing responsibility in auditing and banking. In 2010, she returned to the Bank as an examiner and in 2012 was promoted to manager. She rotated to the Examinations and Inspections Department in 2014, with a focus on community bank supervision. She was appointed to the Bank's official staff as assistant vice president in 2016. She expanded her responsibilities to serve as recording assistant secretary to the Bank’s Board of Directors in 2017 and assumed responsibilities for exams and supervision of regional banking organizations, She was promoted to vice president in the Supervision and Risk Management Division in 2019 with responsibilities for the Applications and Enforcement, Credit and Risk Management, and Statistics, Structure, and Reserves departments. She was promoted to her current position in Audit in May 2021.

Ms. Block holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Creighton University and an M.B.A. from Benedictine College. She is also a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking, Boulder, Colorado.