Three college students are interning at the Omaha branch this summer. Michael Walker and Tasneem Abbas are both interning in the Supervision and Risk Management (SRM) Division. Walker will be a senior at Creighton this fall and is studying finance and technology. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, he hopes to work in the banking industry after graduation next year. Until then, he is making the most of his internship.

“What I enjoy most about the internship so far is the opportunity to meet with and pick the brains of people that have so much knowledge and experience in a broad range of specialties,” he said.

Abbas will be a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she is studying finance. Originally from Jordan, she then moved to California and Nebraska where she attended Lincoln High School.

“The unique part of this internship is that it exposes interns to different areas within the SRM division which has been a great experience thus far,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed learning about how exclusively different each area is while also gaining insight on how they all intertwine by making SRM what it is.”

(From left) Omaha Branch interns Michael Walker, Tasneem Abbas and James Hamlette

Finally, James Hamlette is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha studying economics. He is interning in the Regional, Public, Community Affairs (RPCA) Division. Hamlette earned his undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A native of Lincoln, he enjoys playing chess and spending time on the numerous trails in Omaha.

“After graduation I hope to either begin PhD studies in Economics, or work as a research associate for the Federal Reserve or another research body,” he said. “The most enjoyable part about my internship has been the countless opportunities to present what I have been working on and receive feedback from my team.”

Thursday, July 27, 2023, is National Intern Day.

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Andrea Gallagher

Senior Public Affairs Specialist

Andrea Gallagher is the Senior Public Affairs Specialist at the Omaha Branch. In this role, she creates internal and external content, as well as supporting the Regional, Public …