Join us for an exciting webinar on rural development. Authors of chapters from the Federal Reserve System’s new book, External LinkInvesting in Rural Prosperity, will provide deeper insight into innovative ways rural communities can approach development. In this first of four webinars, authors will be discussing significant rural trends that will shape opportunities and challenges for rural communities in the future.

Speakers and Topics

Cynthia Duncan

Senior Fellow, Meridian Institute

Topic: Marginalization of Rural Communities in the U.S.

Kenneth Johnson

Senior Demographer and Professor of Sociology, University of New Hampshire

Topic: Demographic Lifeline to Rural America: Latino Population Growth in New Destinations, 1990-2019

Jose Enrique Garcilazo

Deputy Head of Division and Head of Regional and Rural Policy Unit at OECD

Topic - Megatrends and Implications for Rural Development Policy

Andrew Dumont

Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Senior Community Development Analyst

Topic: An Overview of External LinkInvesting in Rural Prosperity

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