About this event

Join the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for this summer’s professional development webinar series, free to K-16 educators. Due to social-distancing recommendations, we’ll offer topic-driven, live webinars this summer. These learning opportunities will be hosted in partnership with the Center for Economic Education at Emporia State University (ESU) and include highlights of recent research, updates from subject matter experts and resource demonstrations, all tied to economics and personal finance. More depth and a graduate credit option of 1 to 3 credit hours will be available from ESU. There is no cost for teachers to participate, but advance registration is required through the links provided on the Registration tab.


K-16 educators


Day 1:

The T in STEM: Technology Jobs of the Future

  • Webex

Explore how emerging technology has and is transforming the workforce to create innovative career pathways, as well as how schools have approached technology-related workforce training, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

External LinkRyan Weber Presentation

Dr. Ryan Flurry
| Speaker Principal of Career Education, Shawnee Mission School District
Matt Motsick
| Speaker Co-Founder & CEO, RPA Labs
Ryan Weber
| Speaker President & CEO, KC Tech Council

Day 2:

The Culture of Poverty: Its Effect on Youth and Education

  • Webex

Investigate how socio-economic scarcity manifests in the lives and learning capacity of youth, as well as how support systems within the community and education system offer assistance, advocacy and programs to promote financial sustainability.

Starla Brennan
| Speaker Executive Director, Amethyst Place
Kortne Askew
Client, Amethyst Place
Lynette Fowler
| Speaker Family & Community Engagement Manager, Mid-America Head Start
Jay Lyons,
| Speaker Youth Department Administrator, City Union Mission
Travis Strong
| Speaker Director of Family Ministries, City Union Mission
Catina Taylor
| Speaker Co-Founder, Elements of Education KC, & Principal, DREAMS Consulting

Day 3:

Preparing Students for a Workforce in Transition: Insights on Labor Market Trends and Opportunities

  • Webex

Delve into the latest analysis of employment and unemployment trends, and explore the effect of recent labor force trends on future employment prospects.

Didem Tuzemen
| Speaker Senior Economist , Economic Research
Keith Wardrip
| Speaker Community Development Research Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Day 4:

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Energy

  • Webex

Hear from Fed economists about how the corona virus has affected food supply chains and energy prices, and what this means to consumers.Integrate best practices and winning strategies to engage students in fundamental economics and personal finance concepts.

Ty Kreitman
| Speaker Assistant Economist, Regional Research
Megan Williams
| Speaker Former Employee, Regional Research

Day 5:

Preparing Students for a Workforce in Transition: Connecting Schools and Employers

  • Webex

Learn about organizations that partner students with businesses and how apprenticeships and other career development programs collaborate with schools to provide hands-on training to prepare students for the labor force.

Anna Hennes
| Speaker Program Leader, The Kauffmann Foundation
Daniel Phillips
| Speaker Director of Innovation for Career & College Readiness, Grand Island Public Schools
Taylor White
| Speaker Senior Advisor for K-12 education and workforce issues, New America

Day 6:

Preparing Students for a Workforce in Transition: Equipping Educators with Tools and Resources

  • Webex

Access timely information and classroom-ready resources that support career pathway instruction, work-readiness training and related curricula.

Gigi Wolf
| Speaker Director of Education, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Robin Smith
| Speaker Senior Director, The DeBruce Foundation