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The Banking and the Economy webinar series is designed to provide financial services professionals and leaders with industry, leadership and professional development knowledge that will enhance their careers and networks. Keep checking our page to see upcoming webinar experiences.


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Financial services and banking professionals and leaders interested in industry, leadership and professional development content.

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Day 1:

How to be Inclusive During Crisis, Including Managing Remotely

  • Virtual

In the wake of the current global health crisis, we’re experiencing an unprecedented shift to remote workplaces. As a leader, you may find that you’re struggling to not only effectively manage your teams and to maintain morale, but to do this in an inclusive way. Join diversity and leadership expert, Ritu Bhasin, to learn strategies for leading a way that supports and empowers diverse team members even in a remote work environment.

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Day 2:

Register here. Registration deadline: June 25, 2020. Moving through History: The Founding of America's First Black Banks

Are you tired of sitting and staring at a screen all day? We have the perfect webinar for you! Join executive writer, author, and historian Tim Todd for a hands-free walking webinar on July 30, Moving through History: The Founding of America's First Black Banks. It is an opportunity to learn about these history-making institutions with a virtual stroll through the communities they served. You walk, Tim talks - no participant audio or video required.

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Day 3:

Fed when? FedNow! An update on the development of the Fed’s new landmark instant payment service

In August 2019, the Federal Reserve announced it will develop the FedNowSM Service to enable financial institutions across the country to provide safe and efficient instant payment services that clear and settle in real time, around the clock, 365 days a year. Since then we’ve gathered industry feedback and recently announced details on the service’s features and functionality. This session will share both a retrospective of the Federal Reserve’s role in payments and a forward-looking view of our first new payment service in more than 40 years.

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Day 4:

Cybersecurity: Virtual Threats in Disguise

It is more important now than ever to stay safe in a remote environment and protect the security of your business and personal information. Monsters are always on the rise with new and creative methods to trick you into treating them to your information and devices. During this session, attendees will be reminded of safety tips to keep the zombies and mummies away. These tips will help you stay safe from things that go bump in the night or lurk in the dark web.

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Day 5:

Baking and the Economy: The Policy Recipe for Recovery

Join Research and Policy Officer from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Dr. Huixin Bi, for insights into America's economy following a year like no other. Learn about the "recipe" of fiscal policy and the ingredients needed for a successful recovery.

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