Entrepreneurship Video Series

Learn about entrepreneurship directly from small business owners.


Learn how Mastercraft provides a unique environment for entrepreneurial start-ups under one roof.  The owners share information on receiving feedback and the challenges and opportunities of starting a business.

PDFMastercraft Discussion Questions

Hear Nebraska

Meet Andrew Norman, owner of Hear Nebraska.  This unique non-profit business supports and gives resources to Nebraska’s music and art communities.

PDFHear Nebraska Discussion Questions

RDQLUS Creative

See how RDQLUS Creative helps businesses brand their identities and design associated materials. Learn the risks entrepreneurs face when starting a company.

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A1 Pet Emporium

Trisha Clark, owner of A1 Pet Emporium, took her passion about helping animals and changed careers to start a business.  She gives advice to those who want to start their own businesses.

PDFA1 Pet Emporium Discussion Questions

Pie Junkie and Kaiteki Ramen

Get a taste of differing food-related businesses and how their owners made start-up decisions and grew their businesses.

PDFPie Junkie and Kaiteki Ramen Discussion Questions

Seed Law

Learn how an entrepreneur decided to help serve other entrepreneurs with the start of Seed Law. The founder explains how they work to teach and support entrepreneurs to help them be successful, understand their industry and have a firm foundation for their business. View the entire video here.

PDFSeed Law Q and A FINAL

PDFResearch on Black Women Business Owners

DMK Consultants

The founder of DMK Consultants provides encouragement for those considering starting a business to not let fear paralyze them from taking the next step. View the entire video here.

PDFDMK Consults Q and A FINAL

PDFResearch on Black Women Business Owners

Smash Glam

The co-owners of Smash Glam talk about how entrepreneurship as building a system, the importance of support networks, and how their next step is becoming philanthropists. View the entire video here.

PDFSmash Glam Q and A FINAL

PDFResearch on Black Women Business Owners


Find out how the entrepreneurs who founded Raaxo meet specialized needs in the female clothing market, as well as innovate technology that can be used more broadly. View the video here.

PDFRaaxo Q and A FINAL

PDFResearch on Black Women Business Owners