Digital Inclusion Research Forum of 2023

Logos of 14 organizations.

These 14 organizations were represented on the 18-member forum advisory committee.

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a gray jacket, stands at a podium.

Dallas Fed President Lori Logan provides opening remarks at the forum.

Two smiling, dark-haired women in their 30s sit on gray chairs on a stage in front of an audience.

Kassandra Huhn and Marycruz De Leon of the Dallas Fed share how researchers can help communities progress on their digital inclusion endeavors.

A Black man in a navy blue suit and white shirt talks to a woman with long brown hair, wearing a black sweater. It looks like the conference is on break.

Increasing connections amongst attendees was a key forum objective. Sessions were designed with participant interaction in mind.

A white man with short brown hair, wearing a blue cotton shirt, stands with his back to the audience. He is adding Post-It notes to a flip chart page that contains writing.

Andrew Broderick, San Francisco Tech Council, adds to the research conversation during a facilitated discussion on the future of digital inclusion research.

A White woman in her 20s opens her boxed lunch as she talks with the Black woman across the table from her.

Theresa Dunne, Philadelphia Fed interacts with participants during a lunch session.

We can't see the person, but someone is speaking from the stage. We see two people, a woman and a man, standing against the wall, listening. Other people are seated at tables facing the stage.

Kassandra Huhn, Dallas Fed, and Jeremy Hegle Kansas City Fed, observe participants during a facilitated discussion about the future of digital inclusion research.

You can't see them, but there are presenters on the stage. Out in the audience, two people stand near a microphone that has been set up for people who have questions. The man talking into the microphone is in his 40s, white, and wearing a bright blue shirt and khaki pants.

OK Rural Broadband Expansion Council and OK State University Professor Brian Whitacre joins the discussion during one of the sessions.

Two men sit on overstuffed chairs on a stage. Both are white. The one with the blonde hair is speaking, the one with brown hair is listening.

(left to right) Christopher Behr, HDR, and Roberto Gallardo, Purdue, discuss measuring the impact and cost-benefit of broadband and digital inclusion initiatives.

Three white people on the stage. The older man stands at the podium, and a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s occupy chairs on the stage.

(left to right) John Horrigan, Benton Institute, Jeremy Hegle, Kansas City Fed, and Kelly Wert, Pew Charitable Trusts, discuss considerations and tools to effectively conduct outreach initiatives related to broadband adoption.

A white woman in her 30s stands at a podium, facing the audience. Behind her is a slide showing all the members of the event planning committee.

Kseniya Benderskaya, Community Affairs Officer at the Dallas Fed, shares closing remarks at the end of the forum.