Tammy Edwards has mastered the art of self-discipline.  For many years now, she starts her day early in the morning with meditation, prayer and physical exercise before coming to work. 

“To be an effective leader, I need to be mentally, spiritually and physically fit,” she said.

As the vice president of Community Development and Strategic Engagement for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, she leads the Bank’s community and economic development initiatives and engagement with stakeholders. She also manages the Bank’s Economic and Community Development Advisory Councils. Since joining the Bank in 2008, she has advanced the Kansas City Fed’s involvement in community development issues across its seven-state district.  

Edwards credits the Kansas City Fed’s strong and committed team for this success. Through her efforts to communicate a clear vision, encourage open dialogue and enabling the Community Development team to infuse their work with their own personal meaning, the Bank has become well known nationally for its ability to effectively engage with stakeholders and deliver effective programs.

“Tammy truly leads by example, “said Chantell Garrett, who joined the Bank in 2016 to coordinate a formal strategic stakeholder engagement program.  “Her commitment and passion to the Bank’s vision inspire us to pursue our goals, and she always takes time to spotlight our successes as they emerge.”

Edwards emphasizes what works well and discusses how to get more out of those successes and strengths. 

One example of that success is the Investment Connection program. The program is known nationally as a platform for organizations to present proposals to potential funders for community and economic development projects that may be eligible for funding under the Community Reinvestment Act. 

“The Board of Governors (which oversees the Federal Reserve System) really supports the initiative because of the solid results; Investment Connections is a proven program that efficiently and effectively connects funders with deserving organizations in need of funds for a community or economic development project.” Edwards said.   

To date, community based organizations throughout the Tenth District have received over $30 million in funding from participating in Investment Connection. Other Federal Reserve Banks are expected to launch Investment Connection programs in their districts in the next year. 

Prior to joining the Bank, Edwards held several domestic and international leadership positions at Sprint Corp., including marketing, product development, IT, network, vendor relations, program management and diversity and inclusion. 

She also finds time to volunteer regularly for programs that focus on underserved populations. 

Edwards currently serves on five boards in the Kansas City region: the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Kansas City Public Television, KC Scholars, Full Employment Council and the Jacob Loose Foundation. She is also very involved with her church. 

Edwards has been married to her husband James for almost 31 years and they have three grown sons and three grandchildren. Despite her high-demand position and commitment to the community, she takes time to travel and loves to create memories with her family.