What Must I File?

Financial Reporting

Section 9 of the External LinkFederal Reserve Act requires state member banks to file reports of condition and income on a quarterly basis.  The accuracy and timeliness of these reports are critical because the information is used in the Federal Reserve System’s ongoing monitoring, surveillance, and supervisory programs. For more information, refer to Complete and File Reports. There you will find information helpful in filing timely and accurate reports and contacts to whom you may wish to direct any questions.

Federal Reserve External LinkRegulation H also requires that state member banks have a satisfactory program in place to identify and report transactions of currency exceeding $10,000 and certain transactions that are suspicious in nature, potentially related to money laundering activities or terrorist financing.

Federal Reserve Regulation C requires a member to report data about home-purchase loans, home-improvement loans, and refinances that it originates or purchases, or for which it receives applications.  In addition, certain data must be disclosed to the public. This requirement only applies to banks that meet certain External Linkcriteria, as set forth in the Regulation C.

Federal Reserve Regulation BB requires a member bank to collect and maintain data regarding its small business and small farm loan originations and purchases. This requirement only applies to External Linklarge banks, as defined by Regulation BB. 

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