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Provides insights on trends or activities of primary interest to the community banking industry.

Recent Highlights and Features

Highlight: Branch counts and deposit market share have declined

The number of branches at CBOs continue to decline, as does their market share of deposits.

Highlight: Banks turn to noncore borrowings as funding profiles shift

The use of noncore funding has increased in 2022 as banks look to fund loan growth, in contrast to the trends…

Feature: Net interest margin movement throughout recent rate cycles

Driven by balance sheet changes and interest rate movements, community bank margins were challenged throughout the last two...

Highlight: Commercial real estate loan losses remain muted despite significant recent loan growth

Commercial real estate (CRE) loss rates remain low despite rapid growth in CRE loan volume at community banks over the past year.

Highlight: Assets decline as decrease in cash holdings outpaces loan growth

Total assets have declined for the second consecutive quarter, driven by a significant decrease in cash holdings which more...

Highlight: Unrealized Losses Lowering Tangible Equity Capital

The rising interest rate environment has led to unrealized loss positions in community bank* available-for-sale securities...


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