2022 Ag Symposium: Help Wanted in Agriculture

This year's symposium will explore the role of labor in determining the long-term outlook for agriculture.

Agricultural Symposium

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's Agricultural Symposium explores topics of current and emerging significance to agriculture.

2022 Agricultural Symposium

Help Wanted in Agriculture

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Agriculture and the Economy

In addition to our Ag Symposium, the Kansas City Fed provides ongoing research and analysis on the agricultural economy.

Agricultural Symposium Research

Review research from previous Agricultural Symposium programs.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has a long history of focus on the U.S. and global agricultural economy. The Tenth District, which includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, northern New Mexico and western Missouri, is strongly connected to agriculture, from farm production and food manufacturing to agricultural banking and finance. Because the industry is vital to the region we serve, the Kansas City Fed is committed to understanding developments in the agricultural economy and gathering perspectives from rural America in order to include them in discussions on the national economy.

The Kansas City Fed's Agricultural Symposium brings together industry leaders, government officials, policymakers and economists to discuss current and emerging trends affecting the agricultural sector.

Past Agricultural Symposiums

2021: The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth

2019: Exploring Agriculture's Path to the Long-Term

2018: Agriculture in a Global Economy

2017: Agricultural Consolidation: Causes and the Path Forward

2016: Agriculture's Water Economy

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2014: Structural Transitions in Global Agriculture

2013: The Shifting Nexus of Global Agriculture

2012: Is This Farm Boom Different?

2011: Recognizing Risk in Global Agriculture

2010: Farming, Finance and the Global Marketplace

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