Get the stories behind the research presented at the Kansas City Fed's annual Agricultural Symposium.

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Our annual Agricultural Symposium explores current topics affecting the agricultural economy. The stories below dive into those topics with real-world connections.

The stories behind Ag Symposium 2022

Policy challenges impact labor in ag

Policy challenges exacerbate labor shortage squeeze in ag industry.

Ag industry transformation could help meet labor challenges

To deal with labor shortages, the ag industry must transform.

Ag supply chains feel the pressure from labor shortage

A labor shortage leads to frustrations and innovations in the ag supply chain.

The new world of on-the-farm labor

How the ag industry is considering unique job benefits, automation and digital skills training amidst an ongoing labor shortage.

Voices of Agricultural Symposium

Hear from some of the 2022 speakers on their key takeaways from the Symposium.

Help Wanted in Agriculture

The 2022 Agricultural Symposium explores the role of labor in determining the long-term outlook for agriculture.

2021 Ag Symposium Snapshots

Ag Symposium

Drivers of Agricultural Productivity Growth

Research and development drove ag productivity gains into the early 1980s. But has that golden age come to an end?

Ag Symposium

The Role of Technology and Data

Multigenerational farms are more likely and quicker to adopt new technology to boost ag productivity.

Ag Symposium

Supply Chain Spillovers

Productivity spillovers from ag often force other sectors to change in the complex ag supply chain.

Ag Symposium

Environmental Linkages

Despite gains in ag productivity, the sector remains vulnerable to environmental factors.


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