Get the stories behind the research presented at the Kansas City Fed's Agricultural Symposium on May 24-25, 2021.

Ag Symposium Snapshots

The 2021 Agricultural Symposium explored the key drivers of the persistent growth in agricultural productivity, linkages to other industries, and environmental considerations. The stories below dive into those topics with real-world connections.

The stories behind Ag Symposium

The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth

The 2021 Agricultural Symposium looked at the drivers of ag productivity as the sector responds to emerging needs.

Drivers of Agricultural Productivity Growth

Research and development drove ag productivity gains into the early 1980s. But has that golden age come to an end?

The Role of Technology and Data

Multigenerational farms are more likely and quicker to adopt new technology to boost ag productivity.

Supply Chain Spillovers

Productivity spillovers from ag often force other sectors to change in the complex ag supply chain.

Environmental Linkages

Despite gains in ag productivity, the sector remains vulnerable to environmental factors.

2021 Agricultural Symposium Details

Find out more about the 2021 Ag Symposium, including research and materials.

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