Economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic have brought household financial awareness more sharply into focus.

To help consumers and students better understand economic and personal finance topics, the Kansas City Fed and the Federal Reserve System offer a wide range of online learning opportunities. Videos, podcasts, quizzes, games, online courses and more are free and available for you to explore. Get started with these:

The Fed and You
A video explaining the Tenth Federal Reserve District and the economy, and what the work of Reserve Banks mean for consumers.

External LinkFederal Reserve Education
A collection of digital resources, classroom assets and publications to equip educators and empower students.

Putting Your Paycheck to Work
Fact sheets, resources and activities for employees to understand and make the most of their paychecks.

Financial Fables
Animated e-books that combine reading, economics and personal finance into life lessons, accompanied by coloring pages and family activities.

Jay Starts a Business
An app that takes students into the world of entrepreneurship through an interactive, online adventure with Jay Eagle, the Tenth District mascot, walking through the process of starting a business.

Kids Ask the KC Fed
Does the Fed print money? What does the Kansas City Fed president do? Get answers to these and other questions when children directly ask the experts.

External LinkYour Central Bank
A short animated video featuring Jay Eagle and explaining what the Federal Reserve System does for the economy.

External LinkEcon Lowdown
A searchable collection of economics and personal finance lessons, activities, and reading material.

Futher Resources

Use free economic and personal finance resources.


Gigi Wolf

Director of Education

Gigi Wolf is Director of Education for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, where she coordinates education outreach throughout Kansas, western Missouri, and the region. She …