What exactly is a central bank digital currency? What role could it play in the payments system? How could it affect financial inclusion? Join us Tuesday, March 30 at noon CT for a discussion around a central bank digital currency and how it can be designed to bring the unbanked community into the financial system.

Please note: The Federal Reserve will be presenting research on the topic of central bank digital currencies but is not currently working towards implementing a central bank digital currency.

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Exploring the Possibilities of a Central Bank Digital Currency

External LinkComparing Means of Payment: What Role for a Central Bank Digital Currency?
Paul Wong and Jesse Leigh Maniff (2020)

Inclusion by Design: Crafting a Central Bank Digital Currency to Reach All Americans
Jesse Leigh Maniff (2020)

How Did We Get Here? From Observing Private Currencies to Exploring Central Bank Digital Currency
Jesse Leigh Maniff (2020)

External LinkCentral Bank Digital Currencies: Foundational Principles and Core Features
BIS (Bank for International Settlements) (2020)


Day 1:

Exploring the Possibilities of a Central Bank Digital Currency

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Jesse Leigh Maniff
| Speaker Payments Specialist, Payment Strategies