Building off our popular Financial Fables series, Jay Starts a Business takes students into the world of entrepreneurship. Focused on grades 4-6, Jay's interactive adventure allows students to choose their own adventure as they walk through the process of starting their own business. Through videos, interactive elements and classroom activities, Jay Starts a Business helps introduce students to entrepreneurship and related economic and financial concepts.

The activities can be done online with an associated student journal that can be downloaded (see below). A teacher manual also provides seven lessons to help extend the Jay Starts a Business project to a larger class experience that emphasizes related concepts and includes assessments and activities correlated to appropriate standards.

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Educators can help guide students through the Jay Starts a Business interactive program with these associated resources.


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We invite you to field test the app, student journal, and teacher manual with complementary lesson plans, and provide us with feedback. The application and student journal will take students about 60 minutes to complete without the complementary lesson plans. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. The link to the application, student journal, and teacher manual can be found above.

Once you have completed and tested with students, please take the survey at, and we will send you a free stuffed Jay Eagle for your classroom!