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Investment Connection brings community and economic development organizations together with the funding community.

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About Investment Connection

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City developed a unique forum for nonprofits to present to potential funders. The goal is to match financial institutions, government, corporate enterprises and community foundations with organizations that have community and economic development proposals that need an investment, grant or loan.

In 2011, Investment Connection started as a "live" event with non-profit organizations showcasing their community development proposals to funders and has since connected non-profits with over $60 million in funding.


External LinkFind 2019 and 2020 proposals on our searchable database. Create a customized list of funding—loans, investments/grants and services—opportunities that address your geographic and issue area needs, including Response to COVID-19 which have added “Disaster” as part of their focus (some funders may need to notify their IT team for access to the site and may want to use Chrome or Edge for best viewing). Setting up and modifying your search parameters is easy to do—the new site features greater geographic search options, more areas of focus and more proposals within our seven-state District. 

Community organizations

Submit your organization’s proposals to External LinkInvestment Connection Online and reach potential funders.


Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard

The devastation is demanding that government, nonprofits, and other organizations think broadly and creatively to address the growing needs of households and businesses across the nation.

Beth Drum, senior vice president, Alpine Bank, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Alpine Bank donated 420 Dell computers to PCs for People in 2020. The Alpine Bank story connects two Kansas City Fed initiatives, Investment Connection (like Shark Tank for nonprofits) and the Employer Laptop Challenge. In 2019, the Alpine Bank CRA manager attended an Investment Connection event in Denver. PCs for People, the nonprofit computer recycler, was one of the presenters. Alpine had just upgraded to Windows 10 and had more than 400 computers sitting in storage sheds. The bank was interested. Find the article here

Nancy Taylor, Compliance Guaranty Bank

“There are many valuable non-profit organizations in our communities. We like to find partners that align with the bank’s strategic initiatives so that both the non-profit and the bank find value. Investment Connection has helped Guaranty Bank identify new partners that fit into our overall CRA initiatives.”

Andy Magel, Mile High WorkShop

Overall it was a really positive experience and I'd recommend it to other nonprofits!

Casey Sorensen, PCs for People

From my perspective, it was a fantastic experience. The event facilitates a mutually beneficial connection that would be highly unlikely to materialize on its own.

Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard

“For 10 years, Investment Connection has been a powerful and innovative means of connecting community development organizations with the funding community, including banks looking for Community Reinvestment Act opportunities,” Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard said. “The needs are great in the communities we serve, especially in light of the devastation caused by the pandemic. The Investment Connection program, now implemented in eight districts, remains an important tool the Federal Reserve is actively using to help address those needs.”

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