“At every disaster, I always hear, ‘I never thought it could happen here or to me.’ ”
—FEMA liaison

Do you ever catch yourself thinking a disaster can’t happen to you, your family or your business? Is your household or small business financial information in order?

What disaster survivors wished they had

Focus groups conducted with disaster survivors indicate many households and small businesses do not have their financial information arranged in an orderly or useful manner. A lack of easy-to-use and understandable tools for financial preparedness led the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City to develop Plan. Prepare. Prevail. (P3).

Planning ahead

P3 is a suite of free online resources to assist you and your customers in organizing financial information so that when a disaster of any kind strikes you have the necessary information to prevail.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has developed this quick checklist to help you gather your important financial information:

  • Complete the Federal Reserve Financial Form for households and/or small businesses—a form-fillable PDF (also available in Spanish)
  • Understand current insurance policies and reassess annually
  • Complete an inventory of your property and contents
  • Have a relationship with your bank
  • Develop an emergency financial fund for insurance deductibles and short-term costs

Visit the Plan. Prepare. Prevail. website to learn more and find resources to help you be financially prepared for a disaster.

“Don’t think it won’t happen to me, think it will happen to me, and then you will plan correctly.”
—A disaster survivor and focus group participant


Ariel Cisneros

Senior Advisor

Ariel Cisneros is a lead community development advisor for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City at the Denver Branch. Cisneros focuses on the community and economic developmen…