With more than 25 years in the construction industry and previous service on the Tenth District’s Economic Advisory Council, Ramin Cherafat brings a broad perspective to the Kansas City Board of Directors.

Cherafat is CEO of McCownGordon Construction, a Kansas City-based company that is one of the country’s largest general contractors. He leads the company’s executive team and serves on its Board of Directors.

“My key responsibilities are ensuring that our company has a good, solid strategic plan, and I work with our leadership team and our business unit leaders to develop and execute that plan,” Cherafat said. “We are a 100% employee-owned company, so I view my part of my foundational role as ensuring that the company always has a good roadmap to provide growth and opportunity for our associates.”

McCownGordon, founded in 1999, has greatly expanded over the years and, among other honors, has been recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the country’s Top 100 medium-sized companies. The company now has regional offices in Manhattan and Wichita in Kansas, and in 2021 opened a Dallas-Fort Worth office. It also has launched a national business unit focused on building solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Ramin Cherafat of the Kansas City Fed's Branch Board of Directors standing in front of an office.

In recent years, Cherafat’s insight from guiding McCownGordon’s growth was shared during his service on the Economic Advisory Council, which comprises business and labor leaders from across the region. The opportunity to join the Kansas City Board reinforced his longstanding respect for the Central Bank’s work.

“This country is the greatest country, and this is the country that people aspire to, look up to and come here for opportunity and growth and freedom, and the Federal Reserve plays a big role in that,” Cherafat said. “I know the significant role that the Federal Reserve plays in policy and ensuring that the country is always in a good position for the long term, and I thought it would be an honor to serve on the Board.”

That service will include sharing experiences and viewpoints from communities where McCownGordon has projects, which span numerous industries and range from urban settings to rural areas.

“Given the type of work that I’m involved in, I can bring a unique perspective to the Board,” Cherafat said, noting that construction is one of the country’s largest employers. “About 50% of our company’s revenue is generated from the public sector, and 50% is in the private sector. Monetary policy affects the private sector in terms of real estate development and the amount of capital that corporations want to spend, so we kind of touch that whole spectrum.”

It is important, Cherafat said, to provide feedback that helps the Board see a complete picture of the economy.

“I certainly want to have a feeling that I’ve contributed and that the perspective and information that I’ve brought to the table will help the group be more informed,” he said. “I can tell that there’s a great sense of pride and purpose at the Federal Reserve, and we’re so fortunate to have such a great and talented group of professionals who work there.”

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