Innovation has been an important theme for Janice Lucero, the newest member of the Denver Branch Board of Directors.

Lucero was an educator before recognizing a business opportunity and creating MVD Express, an Albuquerque company, who processes motor vehicle services such as drivers licenses, titles, and registrations directly to the public. Lucero is president and chief executive officer of the company, which has operated in New Mexico since 1994 and in Montana since 2017.

Operating with the slogan “Life is busy, we make it easy,” MVD Express uses online scheduling, digital support services and other technology to streamline motorists’ required tasks.

“We partner with states to provide motor vehicle services to the public in privately owned offices without the wait,” Lucero said. “We are working to provide these services across the country, and I’m focused on developing the technology, people, and state contracts needed to grow this company.”

In her business and in her many civic roles in New Mexico, Lucero said, she thrives on developing inventive paths to address issues, solve problems and improve conditions.

“I listen and see through the lens of innovation and working to find a ‘better way’—asking ‘what else can we do to make things better,’ ” Lucero said.

Janice Lucero of the Kansas City Fed's Denver Branch Board of Directors standing near windows in a suit.

That outlook meshed with the opportunity to serve as a Reserve Bank director.

“After serving on local boards and operating a business for the last 28 years, I’ve found that there are many ways to solve a problem,” Lucero said. “So, it is incredibly interesting to hear how other industries and communities create better solutions for various challenges. I’m eager to be involved with the Denver Board to better understand how the actions of the Federal Reserve System will impact the lives of the people of New Mexico…and our country.

Across the state, she sees those challenges up close through her longtime service on the Roadrunner Food Bank board of directors and as chair of the Board of Trustees for the Presbyterian Central New Mexico health care system. Lucero said that being an employer while serving with organizations directly addressing hunger and healthcare needs throughout the pandemic has given her great insight into the importance of work across public/private partnerships and government systems at-large.

“It is such an important time to give feedback on the health of local economies and what is happening on the ground within the workforce,” she said. “Living in one of the poorest states has given me a greater perspective of the challenges the people of New Mexico and across America face every day. I appreciate the opportunity to share a piece of the American perspective on real time, relevant issues with the Denver Board. It’ll be interesting for me to help give feedback about my community and the things that are of the utmost importance to New Mexicans.”

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