While COVID-19 continues to cause disruptions in coin circulation, Americans can take simple steps to help alleviate the issue.

According to a statement from the U.S. Coin Task force, the economy isn’t experiencing a coin shortage — $48.5 billion in coins are in circulation. Much of it, however, is dormant inside American households. Returning just a fraction of that currency will greatly improve the circulation problem, making a meaningful difference for millions of Americans and businesses that rely on coins to support cash transactions, the statement said.

Banks and retailers can read the task force’s recommendations and guidance on the issue External Linkhere. The U.S. Coin Task force encourages the public to help improve coin circulation with the following steps:

  • Start spending their coins
  • Deposit coins at their financial institutions
  • Redeem coins at coin kiosks
  • Use the hashtag #getcoinmoving in your own social media posts to promote awareness and understanding of this issue

Visit External Linkgetcoinmoving.org for more information.