This year Kansas City Fed employee Trudie Hall marked 50 years of service with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In April, she achieved a designation of the longest-tenured employee in the Bank’s history.

To commemorate her achievement, Hall was honored at a bankwide reception hosted by Kansas City Fed President Esther George and received a certificate of recognition from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

In 1970, after returning to Kansas City from college, Hall began in Accounting – hired on the spot after answering a newspaper ad. Since then she has served in several other roles, including representing the Money Museum.

Hall said that throughout her career at the Bank there have been “a lot of opportunities for me to learn new and different things, so I’ve changed jobs many times without changing the address.”

In her current role in Public Affairs, she leads the Student Board of Directors program in Kansas City.

“The Bank has provided an environment where I can constantly challenge myself,” Hall said. “Good work and good people inspire me to do more and to be more.”

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