The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City recently hosted more than 50 female students from Independence, Mo., middle schools and high schools for the KC STEM Alliance’s annual Girls in Tech KC event.

Speakers at the event included the Bank’s leaders in technology and Martha McCabe, the Alliance’s executive director. The speakers shared messages related to their own technology careers and encouraged the girls to follow their dreams.

Coding exercises for the students included an Hour of Code activity in which students paired up to create an electronic dance party featuring music and animated characters.

Debbie Frobase, an educator at Pioneer Ridge Middle School, noted her school’s low ratio of girls to boys enrolled in technology classes and was hopeful that the experience would encourage more female students to pursue technology careers.

“The networking and exposure is amazing,” she said. “They see mentors everywhere, and some already want to do this as their field.”

Bank employee Sarita Gupta, served as a mentor for the students as they worked through coding exercises. She hopes the event will build the confidence of young coders and help them see a future in technology.

“Every day is a new challenge, so be prepared,” she advised the students. “It can be difficult in certain ways; don’t give up.”

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