The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Denver Branch Money Museum recently welcomed visitors to its newly remodeled spaces and exhibits.

The museum had been closed since March to undergo changes that included expanded gallery space—inside the Branch building and outside on its patio. The new design invites visitors to better understand the Fed’s missions and functions and how their own financial literacy can strengthen the overall U.S. economy. Guests can expect to learn about their relationship to money, budgeting and saving, as well as how to wisely use credit and how to identify a counterfeit bill. The Denver Money Museum, which had 60,000 visitors in 2017, is the most visited Money Museum in the Federal Reserve System.

“This new space creates an inviting environment for visitors to explore their own personal financial goals and dreams, while helping them understand the Bank’s role in the overall economy,” said Visitor Center Coordinator Abby Anderson, who led the redesign project.
New features in the museum include:

• Money personality quiz
• Interactive walls highlighting budgeting, saving and credit fitness
• Job and income display
• Redesigned counterfeit money exhibit, where guests can touch and smell bogus currency

Visitors will still be able to see a display of $30 million in cash, view historic currency—such as a $100,000 bill—and receive a free, souvenir bag of shredded money.

“For more than 100 years, we’ve been proud to be part of the Denver community,” said Alison Felix, vice president and Denver Branch executive. “We realize our central location provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about functions of the Federal Reserve and our role in the economy. The new displays will increase visitor engagement and further enhance the guest experience.”

The Money Museum is at 1020 16th St., and its hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Bank holidays.

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