Who can participate?

Managers, CEO’s, or other representatives of organizations involved in oil and gas drilling, extraction, exploration, pipeline, transportation, or other services related to energy activity. Companies must be based in the Tenth District, which encompasses Colorado, Kansas, western Missouri, Nebraska, northern New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. If you have questions about if your company falls into this region or into one of these categories, feel free to contact the Survey Manager, Megan Williams.

What does the survey ask?

Each quarter, you would be asked whether a number of business indicators- such as drilling activity, employment, and capital expenditures- are up, down, or unchanged compared with the previous quarter and the previous year.  You will also be asked what you expect to happen to these indicators in six months. Additionally, each survey includes several special questions on prices and current economic conditions, giving you the option to add explanations or comments about energy activity.

What is my commitment level?

The survey runs every quarter. You will receive an email from us each survey period with a link to a secure survey webpage. The online “point-and-click” survey only takes a few minutes to complete.

How is this information used?

Individual replies and identifying information are kept strictly confidential. However, the aggregate results of surveys and some select comments are published in our quarterly reports. The energy survey data and reports are regularly used as a measure of how well the industry is performing and a measure of regional economic activity. The up-to-date information provided in the surveys is extremely valuable to Esther George, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City District Bank President, as she prepares to vote on monetary policy decisions with other members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), including Chairman Jerome Powell. The survey reports also may be frequently cited in national and regional newspaper stories.

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Megan Williams

Associate Economist and Manager

Megan Williams is Associate Economist and Manager in the Regional Affairs department at the Kansas City Fed’s Oklahoma City Branch office. In this role, she is responsible for cu…