The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City serves the Tenth Federal Reserve District, encompassing the western third of Missouri; all of Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wyoming; and the northern half of New Mexico. As part of the nation’s central bank, the Bank participates in setting national monetary policy, supervising, and regulating numerous commercial banks and bank holding companies, and providing financial services to depository institutions.

The Energy Survey is a web-based quarterly survey that is open on the 15th day to the last day of the month and includes responses from energy firms located and/or headquartered in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, northern New Mexico, and western Missouri. The Energy Survey provides information on current and expected activity among energy firms in the Tenth District. The survey monitors oil and gas-related firms located and/or headquartered in the Tenth District, with results based on total firm activity. Survey results reveal changes in several indicators of energy activity, including drilling, capital spending, and employment. Firms also indicate projections for oil and gas prices.

Diffusion Index- The diffusion index is calculated as the percentage of firms indicating increases minus the percentage of firms indicating decreases.

An annual survey sample update process is conducted each summer to increase the number of survey contacts and ensure that our survey sample is statistically representative of the various industries and states.