Materials for the symposium, during which participants discuss economic issues, implications and policy options, will be posted as they are available. All times listed below are in the Mountain Time Zone.

This year's theme will explore several significant, and potentially long-lasting developments affecting the global economy. While the immediate disruption of the pandemic is fading, there likely will be long-lasting aftereffects for how economies are structured, both domestically and globally, as trade networks shift, and global financial flows react. To learn more about the symposium's history, read In Late August.


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Day 1:

Opening Reception and Dinner

Day 2:

Friday Session

Betsey Stevenson
| Chair Professor, University of Michigan

Opening Remarks

Jerome Powell
| Keynote Chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System

Has the Macroeconomic Environment Impacted Long-Run Shifts in the Economy?

Yueran Ma
| Author Associate Professor, University of Chicago
John Haltiwanger
| Discussant Professor, University of Mayland

General Discussion

Structural Changes in Financial Markets and the Conduct of Monetary Policy

Darrell Duffie
| Author Professor, Stanford University
Jeremy Stein
| Discussant Professor, Harvard University

General Discussion

Panel: Structural Constraints on Growth

Charles Jones
| Panelist Professor, Stanford University
Nela Richardson
| Panelist Chief Economist, ADP Research Institute
Chad Syverson
| Panelist Professor, University of Chicago

General Discussion

Luncheon Address: European and Global Economy

Christine Lagarde
| Speaker President, European Central Bank

Day 3:

Saturday Session

Christina D. Romer
| Chair Professor, University of California-Berkeley

Global Production Networks

Laura Alfaro
| Author Professor, Harvard University
Katheryn Russ
| Discussant Professor and Chair of Economics, University of California-Davis

General Discussion

Global Financial Flows

Barry Eichengreen
| Author Professor, University of California-Berkeley
Carmen Reinhart
| Discussant Professor, Harvard University

General Discussion

Panel: Globalization at an Inflection Point

Ben Broadbent
| Panelist Deputy Governor, Bank of England
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
| Panelist Director General, World Trade Organization
Kazuo Ueda
| Panelist Governor, Bank of Japan

General Discussion