Photography and Filming in the Museum:

  • Photography and filming are allowed in the Museum. Museum staff, Law Enforcement Officers, security cameras and other security devices as well as Cash Processing and Vault Viewing area CANNOT be photographed or filmed. All other exhibits and spaces can be photographed or filmed. Tripods and selfie sticks are permitted.

Food and Drink:

  • For the safety and health of our guests and for the integrity of our exhibits, food and drink are not allowed within the Museum.
  • Bottles of water that can be closed are allowed.
  • Medical Exceptions: If a guest has a certain medical condition that requires necessary food and beverage, exceptions can be made. All consumption of medically necessary food and drink must be consumed on/or near the benches near the visitor entrance.


  • The Museum is a smoke-free area. Tobacco products as well as vapor or e-cigarettes are not permitted.

Non-medical Mobility Devices:

  • Wagons, non-mobility scooters, Segways, hoverboards, skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted inside the Museum.


  • There is no specific dress code for the Museum; we ask that all guests are fully clothed including shoes; swimwear is not appropriate in the Museum.


  • Any adults who are nursing babies/young children are welcome to do so at their convenience wherever they feel comfortable.
  • Museum and Law Enforcement staff will not regulate the clothing or location that visitors use to care for their child.
  • If nursing adults would like a private place to nurse, accommodations can be made. This is dependent on availability of the Guffey Theater or the Conference Center. Requests for accommodations should be made to Museum staff.


  • Dangerous weapons such as pocketknives and pepper spray, explosives or other hazardous materials are prohibited on Bank property or from being in the possession of Bank employees, visitors, tenants or vendors.