Common Cents articles provide teachers and parents with easy-to-implement lessons and activities for their students and children.

Developing Financial Goals

Increase Your Money Smart IQ

Read suggestions to help kids learn to become money smart.

Resolutions Help Kids

Outline five financial goal planner areas - saving, earning, spending, donation and learning - and define each goal for kids.

There's a Money App for That

How to use technology to introduce finance concepts.

Using Tough Times to Teach Children Financial Concepts

Discuss ways to talk to kids about financial decision-making, learning to budget and economizing to spend less money.

Watch and Learn: Kids' Money Attitude Often Mirror Parents'

Discuss ways to talk to kids about financial decision-making, learning to budget and economizing to spend less money.

Saving and Investing

A Financial Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Help kids achieve short- and long-term savings goals.

Developing Fiscal Fitness in Kids

Teach kids how to budget and develop financial goals.

Financial Responsibility Begins in Childhood

Teach kids the importance of saving money by helping them visualize concepts in their own frame of reference.

Investments: The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Review the different investment options for youth, including savings accounts, certificates of deposit, 529 savings plans and stocks.

Learning Through Lending: Kids as Angel Investors

This article introduces microloans as a way to invest in entrepreneurs from Third-World countries.


Becoming a Conscious Consumer

Learn how to become a consumer coach and help kids practice conscious spending.

Bypassing Buyer's Remorse

Help kids make better purchasing decisions.

It's Free, But at What Cost?

Help kids understand that there is often a hidden cost in receiving free items associated with a purchase.

Moods and Money: How Emotions Affect Money Decisions

Learn about behavioral economics and how financial decision-making is affected by reflexive thinking.

'Tis the Season for Smart Shopping

Learn how to get your kids in the habit of comparison shopping and encourage smart spending.


Laying the Foundation for Responsible Credit Use

Discover why it's important to help kids gain a well-rounded understanding of credit, including its advantages and costs.

Perusing Payment Cards

Read how prepaid cards can be used as a payment solution for those without access to credit or even without bank accounts.

Entrepreneurship and Careers

Beyond the Lemonade Stand

Guide young entrepreneurs by discussing what it takes to make a venture successful.

Oh Where Oh Where Has Our Work Ethic Gone?

Read suggestions to develop a better work ethic at home.

Preparing Kids for Their Life's Road Trip

Learn how to help prepare kids to choose a career.

The Art of Negotiation

Learn strategies to begin teaching negotiation techniques.


Choosing a Worthy Woman for the $10 Bill

Learn about the currency redesign project.

Developing Resilience in Kids

Discuss changing financial circumstances within a family and suggest ways to overcome and be strengthened by the difficulties.

Hitting the Books by Surfing the Web

Read about two free websites loaded with economic and personal finance information from the Kansas City Fed.

Identity Theft is Hazardous to Your Wealth

Read about ways to protect kids’ personal information and online identity.

Money Ethics - Teaching Kids to Follow Their Moral Compass

Help kids make ethical decisions related to money situations they may face.

Payday on Report Card Day?

Read how small rewards for good grades can keep kids on track without the bribe effect.

Paying it Forward: Kids and Philanthropists

Introduce the idea of charitable giving as a way to teach kids the life lessons of consideration and compassion towards others rather than self-fulfillment.