Career Education: Professional Development

The T in STEM: Technology Jobs of the Future

Explore how emerging technology has and is transforming the workforce to create innovative career pathways, as well as how schools have approached technology-related workforce training, especially in the wake of COVID-19. 

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Preparing Students for a Workforce in Transition: Insights on Labor Market Trends

Delve into the latest analysis of employment and unemployment trends, and explore the effect of recent labor force trends on future employment prospects.

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Preparing Students for a Workforce in Transition: Connecting Schools and Employers

Learn about organizations that partner students with businesses and how apprenticeships and other career development programs collaborate with schools to provide hands-on training to prepare students for the labor force.

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Preparing Students for a Workforce in Transition: Equipping Educators with Tools and Resources

Access timely information and classroom-ready resources that support career pathway instruction, work-readiness training and related curricula.

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College and Career Resources

In this one hour long on-demand webinar for educators in middle and high school grades, get ideas for lesson plans, online courses and additional resources that can equip you with college and career resources for students.
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