Beige Book in the Classroom Lesson

This lesson will introduce students to the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book and explain to them how the report reflects economic conditions as perceived by local businesses and other contacts. Student groups will survey their community’s businesses within their assigned economic sector, analyze their survey results, and develop their own Beige Book showing the economic conditions of their area.

Beige Book in the Classroom Handouts

  • PDFHandout 3: Sector Survey Format
  • PDFHandout 5: Mock Data
    If students do not receive a strong response in a particular sector, the mock data may be used. Some of the data are completed surveys, while others are memos or emails that students need to decipher to complete the information for the survey. The mock data is based on real data that has been received to fill in gaps with few responses so that students have meaningful data.
  • External LinkRecent Beige Book Survey

Beige Book and Federal Reserve Classroom Resources

Beige Book in the Classroom Videos

Creating a Beige Book Survey

Creating a Diffusion Index