Urban areas in Missouri where people are not subscribed to the internet

Map shows where people are unsubscribed from broadband in the Cape Girardeau metro area. Households without broadband exist in areas by Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, East Prairie, and Dexter.

Urban unsubscribed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Map shows where households do not subscribe to broadband. The most urban unsubscribed are in areas in and around Columbia and Jefferson City, and Eldon.

Urban unsubscribed in Jefferson City and Columbia

Map shows where people are not subscribed to broadband in the Joplin metro area. Unsubscribed households exist in Joplin itself, and in Monett.

Urban unsubcribed in the Joplin area

Map of areas in Springfield where people have not subscribed to broadband. Three areas in or near Springfield show that many people are unsubscribed. Larger areas in Springfield and Republic show that a moderate number of people don't subscribe.

Urban unsubscribed in the Springfield area

Map shows areas where many or some St. Joseph residents are not subscribed to broadband.

Urban unsubscribed in St. Joseph

The map shows many census tracts in the City of St. Louis where people are not subscribed to the internet, but also in some outlying suburban areas, such as St. Charles and Kirkwood.

Urban unsubscribed in the St. Louis metro area