CDAC April 2024

A young woman turns towards the camera, in conversation with her neighbor. She is along a row of about eight people along the side of a big wooden conference table.

Jade Piros de Carvalho chats with colleagues during her first CDAC meeting.

At the head of the conference table, a smiling, bearded White man in a dark suit and red tie, faces the camera.

Jeremy Hegle, assistant vice president and community affairs officer, gets the meeting started.

A Latinx woman with long dark hair is speaking at a large conference table. A Black man in a gray suit and blue shirt and a White woman in a gingham dress are listening attentively.

Marisa Martinez, community development advisor, talks with CDAC members Lloyd Rainge II and Jade Piros de Carvalho.

Brenda Sharpe, CDAC member, shares her thoughts at the April meeting. Listening are (L-R) Jackie Loya-Torres, Rachael Surmick, and Anne Brandt.

The picture includes three men seated at a large wooden conference table. The man in the middle is Native American. He has dark brown hair with some gray and is wearing a blue suit, and he's talking. The man to the left is Latinx, with gray hair and glasses, wearing a gray suit. The man to the right is White, with a long white beard and white hair, and a light blue suit.

Pete Upton talks with his fellow CDAC members and Fed staff. He is flanked by Ariel Cisneros on the left and Steve Shepelwich on the right. Both are lead community development advisors.

The Money Museum has a big frame where people can post behind the opening for a photo. The group posing today includes ten people, six men and four women. They're smiling, kind of goofy, and appear to be enjoying themselves.

On a break, the Kansas City Fed's Community Development staff team poses in a display at the Money Museum.