Risk Management Subcomponents

Board and Management Senior Oversight Evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of board and senior management's understanding and management of risk inherent in the organization's activities, as well as general capabilities of management.
Policies, Procedures and Limits Evaluates the adequacy of policies, procedures and limits given risks inherent in the organization and its goals and objectives.
Risk Monitoring and Management Information Systems Assesses the adequacy of risk measurement and monitoring and the adequacy of management reports and information systems.
Internal Controls Evaluates the adequacy of internal controls and audit procedures, accuracy of financial reporting and disclosure, and the independence of control areas from business lines.

Financial Subcomponents

Capital Reflects the adequacy of consolidated capital from both a regulatory and economic perspective.
Asset Quality Evaluates the quality of the organization's consolidated assets, both on- and off-balance sheet and the level of criticized and nonperforming assets.
Earnings Reflects the quality of consolidated earnings, the level, trend and sources or earnings and the capacity for capital augmentation.
Liquidity Reflects the consolidated organization's ability to attract and maintain sources of funds necessary to support operations and meet obligations.