Liddy Romero was appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Community Development Advisory Council on Jan. 1, 2017. Romero is the executive director of WorkLife Partnership, an organization she founded in 2009. WorkLife Partnership is a nonprofit organization based in Denver, Colo., that is dedicated to creating socially sustainable communities and thriving workplaces in Colorado. Through partnerships with employers, WorkLife Partnership provides direct services and training to employees to help them overcome the barriers that keep them from getting to work, staying at work and being productive at work.

Romero is a member of the Colorado Workforce Development Council and The Denver Metro Chamber Opportunity Youth Initiative Committee. Under her leadership, WorkLife Partnership grows through its local collaborations with workforce development, financial asset-building, childcare and career development initiatives. Romero will lead a national effort in 2017 to scale and replicate the model of WorkLife Partnership to at least five communities throughout the United States.

Romero received Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She is an Aspen Institute Sector Skills Academy Marano Fellow.