Clint D. Abernathy joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Oklahoma City Branch Board of Directors in 2014 and has been the Branch chair since 2018.

Mr. Abernathy is president and owner of Abernathy Farms, Inc., a large cotton, wheat, and cattle operation near Altus in far southwest Oklahoma. The farm includes both irrigated and dry land cotton production along with wheat grain production and a stocker calf progam using wheat as winter pasture. He is a fourth-generation Oklahoma farmer who has farmed full-time since graduating from Oklahoma State in 1981, first with his father and now his two sons. He has won several awards for innovative farming methods, including early adoption of GPS, drip irrigation, transgenic cotton varieties, and reduced tillage.

Mr. Abernathy serves or has served on several national, regional, and local cotton producer boards, both public and private, as well as various other agriculture and conservation-related boards.  

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