Ag Symposium Videos

Videos from the 2021 Agricultural Symposium: The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth

Ag Symposium Intro

Kansas City Fed President Esther George welcomes attendees to the 2021 Agricultural Symposium from her family farm in northwest Missouri.

Welcoming Remarks

Omaha Branch Executive Nate Kauffman provides a welcome to the 2021 Agricultural Symposium.

Session 1: The Drivers of Agricultural Productivity Growth

This session explores the overarching factors behind agricultural productivity growth, barriers to growth, and which inputs are generating the strongest gains.

Session 2: The Role of Technology and Data

This session discusses how technology and the use of data will affect future prospects of agricultural productivity growth.

Keynote Address: Esther George

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Esther George discusses the outlook for demand, inflation and productivity.

Keynote Address: Ertharin Cousin

Ertharin Cousin, Distinguished Fellow of Global Food and Agriculture at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Food Security and the Environment, shares her perspectives on agriculture.

Session 3: Supply Chain Spillovers

This session explores the ways in which agricultural productivity affects, or is affected by, businesses in other segments of the agricultural supply chain.

Session 4: Environmental Linkages

This session discusses the linkages between environmental conditions and agricultural productivity, and implications for food security.