Techstars, based in Boulder, Colo., is a worldwide network supporting a portfolio of nearly 2,000 startups and entrepreneurs. As the company’s chief investment strategy officer, Nicole Glaros directs deployment of capital and a wide range of resources to help businesses grow and flourish.

“At our core we’re a network of people, but we focus on helping entrepreneurs become more successful and helping corporate partners innovate,” Glaros said.

After serving on the Tenth District Economic Advisory Council, Glaros brings her business expertise to the Denver Branch Board of Directors.

“I’m eyeball-deep in the tech and startup ecosystem, and I recognize that the world is much bigger and broader than that,” Glaros said. Serving on the Board will be “a way for me to really connect with other ecosystems and other communities around the United States and also serve our government in some way.”

During her tenure, Techstars has grown from one office in Boulder to 45 investment offices in 18 cities worldwide.

On the Board, Glaros is “extremely fascinated” to learn more about the economy and how the Fed influences monetary policy.

“I think that one of the things that my tech background has allowed me to do is to say ‘How do we think about the world differently? How do we ask different questions that could help us solve problems in a new and innovative way?’” Glaros said. “I think that perspective can help the Board.”

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