Similarities between the financial industry and aviation might not immediately come to mind, but Kyle Heckman—a bank CEO and pilot—can see the parallels.

Heckman is chairman, president and chief executive officer of Flatirons Bank, a community bank primarily serving Boulder County, Colo. He joins the Kansas City Board of Directors after serving five years on the Tenth District Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council.

While he was a student at the University of Colorado (CU) at Boulder, Heckman took an interest in aviation. Now he is an experienced instrument-rated pilot.

“Flying entails many of the same challenges and rewards that are present in banking, with respect to navigating rules and regulations, opportunities and risks, to reach a successful outcome,” said Heckman, who is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association. “At the end of the day it’s really a risk management judgment as to whether it’s safe and prudent to move ahead. I see lots of parallels there.” Heckman earlier worked for Bank of America in investment banking and credit risk management.

“I bring the perspective of operating and working with small to midsize businesses, further informed by having spent time in my early career at a national bank in a specialized group focused on a customer base of large, multinational companies,” Heckman said. “I also bring the perspective of being a longtime Colorado resident, which is noteworthy given the growth and transformation of Colorado’s economy in recent years and its impact on our District.”

At CU, Heckman earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance, and a master’s degree in business administration.

“There is much for me to continue to learn and appreciate about the history of the Federal Reserve System and its unique positioning within our nation’s economic and financial framework,” Heckman said.

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