Katrina Washington understands how economic conditions can affect businesses. She founded Stratos Realty in 2003, and since then, the company has produced more than $100 million in sales and grown to two locations in Oklahoma County, Okla., and one in Ellicott City, Md.

As a director on the Kansas City Fed’s Oklahoma City Branch Board, she can relay her experiences as a small business owner, a licensed real estate practitioner, and a long-time advocate for housing initiatives to help the Federal Reserve System achieve its mission of maintaining economic stability.

“Dealing with corporate entities and the government in the housing market have given me insight into the larger economy, how fragile it can be, and how vulnerable we all are to missteps by those parties,” she said.

She also serves as a director or committee member of several local organizations, such as the Oklahoma Association of Realtors, Realtor Commercial Alliance, Neighborhood Housing Services, the OKCMAR Foundation, and the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors. She said this gives her firsthand knowledge of the institutional aspects of the demographic, ed, educational and financial perspectives of her local market.

Sharing her knowledge and educating people about the marketplace and economy is vital to Washington.

“I work with customers on a grass roots level in selling and buying homes,” she said. “I teach homebuyer education and deal with many people who are either just starting out or lack financial education.”

This interaction also allows her to gather information on how regulation positively or negatively affects the average person’s financial stability, which she can relay to the Kansas City Fed as it collects data and information about current economic conditions.

“I hope to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of the economy on a much broader scale, which will allow me to continue to grow personally and professionally so I can better navigate the future and help clients, customers, and community leaders to contribute to a stable environment where all can grow and thrive.”

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