As a fourth-generation oil and gas exploration executive, Walt Duncan brings deep industry expertise to the Oklahoma City Branch Board of Directors.

Duncan is president of Duncan Oil Properties Inc., a private exploration and production company based in Oklahoma City. The company was established in the late 1950s, but his family’s history in the fuel exploration business goes back even farther. Duncan said that in recent years there was a discovery of records showing that the family acquired its first oil and gas lease in June 1939 in the Illinois Basin. Today, Duncan Oil manages company-owned energy interests in 26 states and Canada. Most of its operated wells are in western Oklahoma.

With that background, Duncan sees his service on the Board as an opportunity to help the Bank expand its awareness of “some of the dynamics going on in our industry.”

“First of all, I was flattered even to be asked,” he said. “I’ve got kind of an analytical mind, and I’ve always been a student of our industry. I just hope that I can help the Board understand the challenges and the complexities of the industry so that ultimately the Fed can make better decisions about monetary policy.”

Duncan has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from DePauw University in Indiana and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin.

By serving on the Fed’s Oklahoma City Branch Board, Duncan hopes to gain as much knowledge and perspective as he shares.

“I think, very simply, just having the interaction with all of the Board members and staff of the Fed … I just know it’s going to be very rewarding,” Duncan said.

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