Assessing Regulatory Responses to Banking Crises
By Padma Sharma
RWP 22-04, May 2022

Evidence suggests banking regulators acted in the public interest in the 1980s, while the regulator for savings and loans did not.

The Effect of Housing First Programs on Future Homelessness and Socioeconomic Outcomes
By Elior Cohen
RWP 22-03, March 2022

Evidence suggests that the Housing First approach to addressing homelessness generates positive and cost-effective housing and non-housing outcomes.

The Term Structure of Monetary Policy Uncertainty
By Brent Bundick, Trenton Herriford and A. Lee Smith
RWP 22-02, February 2022

FOMC announcements transmit to financial markets and the economy not only by changing the expected path of future interest rates but also by reshaping interest rate uncertainty across different horizons.

Supervisory Stringency, Payout Restrictions, and Bank Equity Prices
By W. Blake Marsh
RWP 22-01, January 2022

Pandemic restrictions on bank payouts to shareholders reduced bank stock returns while strengthening bank capital.