Current Population Survey As-Published Data

The KCDC's As-Published version of the CPS data is minimally processed to ensure users the ability to both re-use pre-existing code from other source files and to completely control any modification or recoding of the data. Due to changes in the format of the survey since 1976, the As-Published data is not presented in a single data file, but in three parts: 1976-1988, 1989-1993, and 1994-present. Below is the technical documentation to accompany the use of these files. 

As-Published 1976-1988

1976-1988 Variable Names

1976-1988 Changes in Variables

1976-1988 Source File Creation Process

1976-1988 Major Changes in the Survey

As-Published 1989-1993

1989-1993 Variable Names

1989-1993 Changes in Variables

1989-1993 Source File Creation Process

1989-1993 Major Changes in the Survey

As-Published 1994-Present

1994-Present Variable Names

1994-Present Changes in Variables

1994-Present Source File Creation Process

1994-Present Major Changes in the Survey