Dataset Attributes

Collected by the Bureau of the Census.

Access information
Raw microdata files for the monthly SIPP can be found in several locations:


The SIPP was designed to be a resource for understanding and studying income and program participation among the U.S. population. Per the Census the mission of the survey is to evaluate “1) annual and sub annual income dynamics; 2) movements into and out of government transfer programs; 3) family and social context of individuals and households; and 4) interactions among these items.” The SIPP is analogous and designed to be more detailed than the Current Population Survey’s March Income Supplement.

Collection mechanism
The SIPP is an address based survey. Although the data frequency is monthly, data is collected from individuals every four months through interviews.  

Terms and conditions
The SIPP microdata files are free for the public to use and cite appropriately.


The Census Bureau hosts standard documentation for the SIPP. Technical documentation and frequently asked questions are also available.

Coming Soon

  • Data access provided by CADRE.
  • Technical documentation.
  • A larger collection of documentation, frequently asked questions, and tips and tricks for using SIPP data; and
  • A searchable database of research papers that use SIPP data as an input dataset.

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