About the Dataset

The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) is an important data resource for economists in answering questions about wages, labor force history, and participation in federal programs. The SIPP follows a nationally representative sample of households in the civilian non institutionalized U.S. population. All members of the household who are 15 years of age or older are interviewed throughout the life of the panel. Data is collected on a monthly basis between a core set of survey questions and topical modules which gather more detailed information on topics ranging from assets to disability to work history. 

The SIPP Museum Room

Data Access

Coming Soon. 

Dataset Attributes

High-level information about accessing and using the SIPP.

Core Concepts

To provide researchers and the public resources for learning and working with the SIPP, CADRE has compiled information on the key concepts of the survey. Coming Soon. 

Technical Documentation

Provides users with information on the contents and creation of the various versions of the SIPP hosted by CADRE. Along with information on how each data set was constructed, users will find detail about changes in the survey over time, instructions on using the data, and comprehensive lists of variables. Coming Soon.