Technical Documentation

The CADRE hosts CPS data, available here. For the versions currently available, there is technical documentation that provides lists of variables, major changes to the survey, and the process used to create the data. 


The CPS As-Published version is the data provided in a minimally processed form. Due to major survey revisions since 1976, this data is broken into three parts, the 1976-1988 version of the survey, the 1989-1993 version of the survey, and the 1994-present version of the survey. 

Linked Variable

The CPS Linked Variable data is a version created by CADRE to link variables by content over time. This linked data will allow researchers to create time series for key labor force variables from 1976 to the present. 

Matched Person

The CPS Matched Person data will be available by 2018Q1. This version of the data will match individuals in the survey over time, allowing researchers to follow an individual for multiple months and assess changes in their circumstances during that time. 

Special Variables

The CPS Special Variables data are monthly time series data that are not produced by any official statistical agency, but have been created especially for research purposes or for ease of use by researchers.