High Performance Computing (HPC) allows researchers to solve computationally intensive and complex problems. We use applications that require high bandwidth, low latency networking, and very high compute capabilities.

Our cluster and accelerator computing environments help to increase the speed of research. In addition, we provide leading edge software stack and technologies.

Compared to traditional production environments, HPC environments are tailored for project and research based workloads. We provide technical and engineering services focused on collaborative computing HPC environments and capabilities that enable leading edge research in the field of economics, including:

  • Advanced programing consulting and algorithm development services
  • HPC technology integration advisory services
  • Training

We also research and investigate new and emerging technologies to continually advance research computing capabilities in economics.

HPC services are available to Federal Reserve System research staff and their collaborators at academic and government institutions. 

Data Hosting

Our research data hosting services include:

  • Providing storage for and access to research databases
  • Data warehousing of research data sources
  • Providing tools for computational and statistical services 
  • Designing and implementing databases to provide the ability for unencumbered access to all subsets

We provide both internally and externally facing database hosting environments, focusing on supporting the needs of researchers. We also provide identity management for the lifecycle of customers’ accounts. 

Currently, data hosting is only available to researchers across the Federal Reserve System but potential partnerships with external organizations are being explored.