Fall 2010

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SPARKING DEMAND: Industry, destination determine region's export opportunities

Most states in the Tenth Federal Reserve District are likely to see fewer benefits from exports than the rest of the nation, though there are exceptions.

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NOT YOUR FATHER'S RECOVERY: The changing dynamics of labor productivity

Understanding the way productivity has changed in recent years is important for gauging the outlook for the current recovery and what role it may play in future economic cycles.

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MANUFACTURING A SURVEY: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City goes to the source for data on the District

Each month, the Kansas City Fed tracks changes in production, orders and inventories from around the region, using a step-by-step process to poll manufacturers.

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The annual symposium hosted by the Kansas City Fed focused on the global economy's recovery from its deepest downturn since the Great Depression.

Summer 2010

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POWER PLAYERS: Attracting young, educated residents to metros in the region

Many cities in the Tenth Federal Reserve District don't draw as many young professionals as others even though economic factors are favorable.

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UNDERSTANDING THE UNBANKED: Kansas City Fed listens to consumers through regional focus groups

A clearer picture emerges of why some people forgo a relationship with a bank in favor of other less secure or more costly options.

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RURAL AMERICA IN 2010: Producers, lenders recover from recession

This year looks promising as rural job losses slow, farm incomes rise, access to credit improves and farm programs evolve.

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TOO LOW FOR TOO LONG? Kansas City Fed economist looks at impact of monetary policy decisions

As the nation emerges from one of the worst recessions, one key question facing policymakers is whether monetary policy played a role in financial imbalances that eventually led to the crisis.

Bill Taylor taking oath of office

INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS AND RESOLVE: Lessons from Bill Taylor and the last crisis

Taylor's experiences during his tenure with the Federal Reserve and FDIC have a connection to today's crisis and ongoing recovery.

Spring 2010

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A PIVOTAL INDUSTRY: Energy's ups and downs drive economies

With large energy reserves across the region, the Tenth Federal Reserve District is not immune to the industry’s volatility.

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A COMMUNITY AFFAIR: Kansas City Fed programs take policymakers to the front lines

In an economic downturn, the need for research, relationships and resources is critical.


CONFERENCE ROOM TO CLASSROOM: Financial education in the workplace benefits employees, employers

Tiffaney Kuper says her employer’s on-site financial education program “is a stress relief.” The company says the program has positively affected its bottom line.  

Paper report

FINANCIAL STABILITY REPORTS: How useful during a financial crisis?

Many countries publish the condition of the financial system and assess risks. Would such a report in the United States have made a difference during the recent financial crisis?  


REGIONAL CONNECTIONS TO NATIONAL POLICY: The directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

The Reserve Bank’s directors come from a wide range of backgrounds and are critical in connecting it with the communities it serves.  

Winter 2010

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LABORING TO RECOVER: As the nation's economy rebounds, unemployment continues to rise

Changes in the labor market and the effects of the banking crisis may mean unemployment will recover much more slowly compared to past severe recessions.


LIVESTOCK'S LONG ROAD: Recession, global pullback weigh on producers

Many hog and cattle producers are seeing big profit losses, or even going out of business. The economic downturn—and consumer behavior—are complicating the industry’s decline.  

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COMING HOME : Resurgence of working-age residents may boost rural economies

Small towns struggle with dwindling populations as young adults leave, but the return of older residents can offset this out-migration with their contributions to the local workforce.  


RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGES AND COMMUNITY BANKS: Smaller insured financial institutions see less decline

The housing industry’s descent has affected the entire banking industry, but certain areas are faring better than others and could actually increase their share of loan originations.